Everyone claims to be the best. Be different.
When everyone claims to be the best, everyone comes across as average.

To stand apart from your competition — each one shouting that they’re the best — you need to zig while they’re zagging. Your brand needs to represent what makes you different.

Identifying that special something that resonates with customers, then using it to tell your story, is where brand strategy comes in. That’s something we’re good at.

We’ll dig and explore until we find that hidden gem that defines your brand and adds power to its perception. Here’s how we’ll do it.

Benefit from a balance of research and creative.
Developing a brand strategy that will stand the test of time — takes time. It requires a process of Discovery, Definition and Delivery.

1. Discovery

  • In this phase, we interview a range of shareholders including executive leadership, employees and customers. Each of these groups is critical in providing the insights required to build a differentiating brand strategy.

2. Definition

  • We take what was learned in Discovery and put it into a branding statement consisting of:
    • What you do
    • For whom do you do it
    • What do they want
    • What makes you different

3. Delivery

  • When the brand strategy is finalized, the project is handed off from Einstein to Picasso (slight exaggeration). Maxwell+Miller will give the left-brain branding strategy to our right-brain artists and writers who will craft a brand story well told.
    We will use all appropriate media tools to connect with your markets. Whether digital or traditional, our branding specialists know how to deliver your message in the most efficient, most effective way.