In most markets today, there is little difference between products in purely functional terms. What customers think and feel about a brand often determines why one is chosen over another.


When someone thinks of your brand, what instantly comes to mind?


Is there a clear image, or does it seem like everyone else in your category? Does your brand elicit good feelings, no feelings, or even worse — confusion?


Maxwell+Miller is a group of branding and creative specialists. The reason we come in every day is to develop branding strategies that distinguish our clients from their competition; and do it in a way that increases sales today while building brand loyalty for tomorrow.


Science and Art
Here’s how we do it. It’s a little bit science — we use proven processes and formulas to uncover the most important differentiating factor in your brand. Then, a little bit art — we craft the words and pictures that ensure your brand story is well told.


We serve an array of business-to-business and consumer clients. But no matter what the business, tactics always take a backseat to a clearly defined brand strategy. It will be the foundation for every piece of your communications – both to customers and within your company itself.